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SR Rent A Car Terms And Conditions

Chapter 1General Rule

Article 1 Application of the Terms and Conditions for Rental

  1. The company leases the rental car (hereinafter referred to as the rental car) to the renter in accordance with the terms and conditions (the terms of the lease and the contents of the rental guide mentioned below). For matters not stated in the terms and conditions, they will be handled in accordance with the laws & regulations and general customs in Japan.
  2. The company allows the establishment of a special contract as long as it is within the scope of laws & regulations and customs in Japan with no violation of the terms and conditions. Priority is given when there is a special contract.


Article 2 Making Reservations

  1. Upon reservation, the renter agrees to the lease terms & conditions and rental fees set by the company, renting the vehicle by the method specified by the company. The renter has to indicate the required car class, the purpose of usage, rental period, rental location, return location, driver, child safety seat, other optional equipment and other rental conditions in advance (hereinafter referred to as [lease conditions]) before making the reservation.
  2. The Company shall comply, in principle, with the particulars to the extent that the Rental Vehicle is available for such rental, upon receipt of the reservation from the Renter, provided that the Renter shall pay a separately stipulated reservation deposit unless the Company agrees otherwise.

Article 3 Changes in Renting Conditions Made at the Time of Reservation

  1. In the event that the Renter desires to change any of the Renting Conditions as described under Article 2.1, the Renter shall obtain the consent of the Company in advance.

Article 4 Cancellations of the Reservations, etc.

  1. The Renter can cancel the reservation by the method provided separately.
  2. The reservation shall be deemed to have been cancelled when the Renter does not execute a rental agreement of renting a Rental Vehicle (hereinafter referred to as “Rental Agreement”) within one hour from the reserved commencement time of rental based on Renter’s own reasons.
  3. In the event of Articles 4.1 and 4.2, the Renter shall pay a cancellation fee to the Company as separately stipulated. The Company shall return any reservation deposit, received from the Renter provided that the Company has received a cancellation fee.
  4. The Company shall return the reservation deposit received from the Renter when the Company is the party who cancels the reservation or does not execute the Rental Agreement.
  5. The reservation shall be deemed as cancelled when the Rental Agreement is not executed as a result of any occurrences of an accident, theft, non-return, a recall of the anticipated Rental Vehicle, or a natural disaster which is beyond the reasonable control of the Renter or the Company. The Company shall return to the Renter the reservation deposit received.

Article 5 Substitute for the Rental Vehicle

  1. The company reserves the rights to rent out another car class under different terms & conditions (hereinafter referred to as an alternative vehicle) if the car class reserved by the renter is not available.
  2. When the Renter accepts such an offer as provided in Article 5.1, the Company shall rent the Substitute under the same Renting Conditions, except for a class of rental vehicles, offered at the time of reservation, provided, however, that when the rental charge (hereinafter referred to as “Rental Charge”) for the Substitute is higher than that of the vehicle class as reserved, the latter shall apply and when the Rental Charge for the Substitute is lower than that of the vehicle class as reserved the former shall apply.
  3. The Renter may refuse to receive the Substitute offered in accordance with Article 5.1 and may cancel the reservation.
  4. In the event, the Company fails to rent the Rental Vehicle under Article 5.3 and if those causes as described under Article 5.1 are attributed to the Company, the Company shall not only return to the Renter the reservation deposit received but also pay a penalty as separately stipulated, as the cancellation in Article 4.4.
  5. In the case of paragraph 3, if paragraph 1 cannot be executed due to accident, theft, no return of the car, delay of car return by the borrower, natural disaster, or other reason not attributable to the company, the company shall treat it as rescission of the reservation stated in Article 4, paragraph 5 and shall refund the reservation charges received.

Article 6 Exemption

  1. Except as otherwise stated in Articles 4 and 5, the Company and the Renter shall make no claims whatsoever to each other, with respect to cancelling of reservations and non-execution of the Rental Agreement.

Article 7 Agency for the Reservations

  1. The Renter may make reservations through the travel agents or the business partners (hereinafter referred to as “Agents”), which handle reservations and represent the Company.
  2. The Renter who has made reservations through the Agents as described under Article 7.1 may change or cancel such reservations only through the said Agents regardless of Articles 3 and 4.