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Last update: July 8, 2021

If you are thinking about travelling to Sri Lanka, you must plan how you are going to move around the country. If you are a free-spirited person who likes to travel at your own pace and without restrictions you might be thinking, that you have several options.

  1. Use public transportations (Busses & Trains)
  2. Rent a private vehicle

Use public transportations (Busses & Trains)

Using public transportations are the cheapest method to travel within Sri Lanka. But it has lots of downfalls.

Why you shouldn’t use public transportations in Sri Lanka?

  1. Since public transportations in Sri Lanka are not managed properly by a centralized automated system foreigners get scammed by locals for the travel fee.
  2. You can not rely on public transportation if you are a punctual person. not even a 1% chance that public transportation arrives on time.
  3. You must have very good luck with you to receive comfortable public transportation in Sri Lanka.

Rent a private vehicle

In Sri Lanka, you can rent a vehicle in a few different ways.

  1. Rent a (Third-party varified ) private taxi
    • If you are familiar using Uber mobile app you will find it’s very much available to use in Sri Lanka. It’s the most cheepest private transpotation method you’ll find in Sri Lanka. But it’s availability is limitted to city areas in the country. And some drivers even cancel the ride refucing to travel to specific locations.
  2. Rent a private tuk-tuk
    • When you are out in a road, you can see small three-wheelers out there ready to take you any place you need to go. Availability of these are very high in Sri Lanka. Even it lacks the space and comfortableness it can get the job done if you are not traveling with a group or if you have lots of luggages with you.
  3. Rent a car from car rental company
    • Finally you rent vehicles from vehicle renting companies such as SR Rent A Car. In all above transportation methods, you’ll be a pessenger any a driver will bring you to your destination. When you rent a vehicle from rent a car company you still have that option. Best thing is, you can even drive the vehicle yourself if you want to. It’s the best advantage you’re going to get as it allows you to move around the country in your own speed. Renting companies have range of vehicles for you to choose from. Daily or monthly rental fee may change depending on your chioice of vehicle. Another added advantage on renting a vehicle to travel in Sri Lanka is you can book your vehicle even before you visit the country.

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