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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Regarding Rental Requirements

How can I rent a car?

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What documents do I need to provide?

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What type of driver's license do I need to drive in Sri Lanka?

For tourists, just having an international drivers license won’t be enough to drive a vehicle in Sri Lanka. You need to obtain a temporary drivers license issued by the Sri Lanka Department of Motor Traffic. 

Can anyone besides the reservation applicant drive the car?


however, each person who intends to drive the car must submit a valid driver’s license on the day the car will be picked up. If it is not possible for all drivers to be present on the day of pick-up, a copy of their driver’s license (both sides) and passport must be prepared in advance and submitted.

Can elderly people also rent cars?

Yes. No age restrictions are in place. Anybody with a valid driver’s license can rent a vehicle.

Questions Regarding Reservations

Will there be a problem if the person who made the reservation is different from the one who will drive the car?

No. Persons who will not drive the car can also make the reservation; however, they need to confirm first the driver of the vehicle before making the reservation.

How many days in advance can a reservation be made?

Vehicles can be reserved six months in advance. Reservations can also be made 30 minutes* prior to pick-up if a vehicle is required at the last minute.

* Last minute reservations can only be arranged based on vehicle availability.

Can I rent a car without a reservation?

Yes, as long as a vehicle is available; however, we recommend making a reservation because no vehicle may be available during busy periods.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, reservations can be cancelled. Please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to cancel your reservation. The reservation number issued when you made the reservation and the email address you registered at the time of reservation are required to cancel or make changes to your reservation.

Can I make changes to my reservation?

Yes. The reservation number issued when you made the reservation and the email address you registered at the time of reservation are required to make changes to your reservation.

Do I have to pay a cancellation fee if I cancel my reservation?

A reservation cancellation fee pre-determined by the company may apply if you cancel your reservation.

No fee shall apply if the cancellation is made at least seven days prior to the date of pick-up. The cancellation fee shall apply for those made six days or less prior to the date of pick-up.

For how many days can I reserve a rental car?

We accept reservations for a rental period of one (1) month at most.

Can I request an AT (automatic) or MT (manual) vehicle?

Yes. The transmission type can be selected.

What happens if I arrive late when picking up the car?

Please make sure to contact the concerned station if you are going to arrive later than the specified pick-up time. Failure to contact the station will cause the reservation to be cancelled an hour after the scheduled pick-up time. The vehicle may also not be available anymore at the time of pick-up.

Questions During Rental

What should I do if I damage the car?

In the event of accidents resulting in damage to the vehicle during the rental period, the user shall be required to pay the non-operation charge (NOC) as partial compensation for the loss of earnings incurred for repairs, regardless of the degree of damage or the length of time required for repairs.
The non-operation charge (NOC) is different from the deductible (paid by the user) in the insurance and compensation system, which is applied in the event of accidents.

What should I do if I get in an accident?

Please follow the procedure below if you get involved in an accident:

  1. Move the vehicle to a safe location to prevent further accidents.
  2. Assist all injured parties.
  3. Report the accident to the police.
  4. Get the details of the other party.
  5. Contact the Global Customer Desk*.

Do not negotiate a private settlement on the spot. Private settlements will invalidate the insurance, which will require the user to pay the entire cost.

What should I do if I receive a fine ticket for parking violation?

If you find a notice of illegal parking is attached to the vehicle windshield, you MUST complete the payment of the fine to the jurisdictional police.

Upon returning the vehicle, please submit the traffic violation ticket along with the payment note and the receipt of the fine with the payment date stamp to our staff.

If you fail to present “Notice of Traffic Violation” and “Payment Slip & Receipt” upon return, LKR 30,000 for parking violation fee will be charged.


*The above sum in relation to the parking violations paid to the location will be refunded once the traffic violation ticket, statement and receipt of payment of the fine have been submitted to the rental location. The amount will be refunded to the specified bank account (the customer is responsible for any bank charges incurred).

*Please note that if the Company is notified to pay the parking fine or if the customer does not pay in full the charged sum by the date specified, the Company shall take measures such as registering the user’s name in the All Japan Rent-a-Car Association information management system. Any booking requests to car rental companies affiliated with this Association will be refused to customers registered in the system.

Are there any restrictions on mileage when using a rental car?

Yes. There is 100km/day restrictions on all vehicles. $5 will be charged for each additional kilometer.

Can my pet ride in the car?

Yes. Apply by telephone if you intend to travel with a pet. Please make sure to mention that you will be traveling with a pet when making a reservation (vehicle models that can carry pets differ among rental stations, so online applications will not be accepted). We may refuse to rent out a vehicle even if you have a reservation, so please mention this in advance.

Questions Regarding Vehicle Pick-up

What are the required procedures for picking up the car?

You will be required to present your driver’s license (of all drivers) and passport for verification purposes and to sign the Rental Agreement when you pick up the vehicle. Once completed, please pay the sum determined by the contents of the agreement. (Payment must be settled when the vehicle is picked up.)

*Does not apply to users who have paid in advance.

A short explanation of the vehicle will be provided, and the vehicle will be checked for existing scratches or other damages together with the user. The rental car can be used as soon as the inspection has been completed.

What do I need to bring when picking up the car?

Each person who intends to drive must bring a valid driver’s license to drive in Japan, passport, and a valid method of payment (generally via credit card). These are to be submitted together with any discount cards you may have. Kindly pay with an affiliated credit card. If you wish to pay in cash, you must also submit an item of identification (copies are acceptable) in addition to your driver’s license.

Example: Health insurance card, residence card, passport, certificate of seal registration, etc.

Can I pick up or return the car outside of opening hours?


Can I make changes to the reservation when I pick up the car?

Yes. If you wish to change the rental period, please inform a staff member when picking up the car. You will be advised if the change is possible once the reservation details of other users have been checked. Please note that requests to make changes may be refused due to reservations made by other users.

If I forget to bring my temporary driver’s license, can I still rent a car as long as I am registered?

No. You may NOT rent a car if you do not show a valid driver’s license and passport at the time of pick-up. Please make sure that you do not forget to bring the necessary documents on the day of pick-up.

Can I arrange for the car to be delivered to a hotel or Airport?

Yes. A small charge will be added for the delivery.

Questions Regarding Vehicle Return

What do I need to keep in mind when returning the car?

Please make sure that you have not left anything inside the vehicle. We cannot be held responsible for any forgotten items or lost property.

How are rental fees calculated if I extend the rental during the original rental period?

All additional charges will be calculated in accordance with the hourly rate system.

All promotional rates and discounts will be applied when calculating the extension fee.

Can I get a refund If I return the car earlier than the scheduled date of return?

Yes. For midterm cancellations, please contact the rental station from where you picked up the vehicle before returning. Half of the refund for the unused period will be deducted as the midterm cancellation fee, and the remainder will be refunded.

What should I do if I am unable to return the car with a full tank?

You may return the vehicle to the station as it is. Please pay the refuelling fee predetermined by the company in accordance with the distance travelled.

Questions Regarding Settlement

How is the rental fee calculated?

The rental fee is determined in accordance with the model of the vehicle and the length of the rental period. If the user has requested any additional options, accessories, compensation package, or other services, the applicable costs will be added to the basic fee accordingly.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes. Credit cards are accepted.

Can I pay in cash?

Yes. We generally require payment by credit card.

When do I have to pay the rental fees?

Please pay the fees when picking up the vehicle at the rental station.

Questions Regarding Vehicles and Options

Are all cars equipped with a GPS navigation system?

Yes. All our vehicles do have a GPS system. 

Can I specify the grade and color of the car?

No. due to availability, a specific model including but not limited to vehicle model, model year, grade, and color cannot be specified. You may only choose vehicle class.

Do you rent out infant, toddler, and booster seats?

Yes. Available seats vary in accordance with the child’s age and stature, so please state your requirements when making a reservation. Users are also free to make use of their own seats.

*Users are requested to install the seats themselves. Although our staff members may provide assistance, please make sure to perform the final check on whether the seats have been properly installed.

Inquiries Regarding Lost Items

What should I do if I left my peroneal items in the car?

Please contact us by our Inquiry Form. Please describe the shape and external features of your lost item.

Is it possible for SR Rent A Car to deliver my lost item to any specific location?

Yes. A shipping charge may apply.

How much is the shipping fee?

The shipping fee may vary based on the lost item type, weight & quantity. We’ll inform you the shipping fee before we ship the item(s).

For how long are the lost items kept and stored?

The lost items are kept in accordance with Times SR Rent A Car Terms and Conditions. Unclaimed items will be disposed of after the retention period has passed.